Sonali Sehgal


Sonali Sehgal

Actress Sonali Sehgal is an Indian actress who debuted on the silver screen with the critically acclaimed ‘Aashayein’, directed by the national award winning director Nagesh Kuknoor. Sonali is cast opposite John Abraham in this movie with cancer being the central theme. Sonali plays the pillar of strength and the only ray of hope in the dying protagonist s (played by John Abraham) life. By this post you get Sonali Sehgal HD photos and Sonali Sehgal latest photos. Thereafter, She went on to star in lead roles in films such as ‘Radio’, ‘Damadamm” and ‘Future to bright hai ji’. ‘Radio’ is a drama, a complex relationship between a man, his ex-wife (played by Sonal) and his current girlfriend. “Future to bright hai ji”, is an out and out comedy about a couple from a small town (played by Aamir Bashir and Sonal Sehgal) who come to Mumbai to try their luck in Bollywood. It s a hilarious account of their trials and tribulations. The recently released ‘Future to bright hai ji’, although a disappointment at the box office, earned She great reviews from the critics. She has also penned the lyrics of the title song of the same film. She began her career with theatre. A pivotal role in the celebrated theater scriptwriter/ director Mahesh Dattani’s play ‘Mad about Money’ brought her much critical acclaim and adulation from the audience. She is one of the few actresses who moved to the big screen after a successful stint in the television industry, with lead roles in the serials ‘Saara Akash’ and ‘Hotel Kingston’. Sonali Sehgal played completely diverse characters in the two TV series which aired back to back from 2005 to 2007. In Saara Akash Sonali Sehgal played an under cover spy on the Indian Air force base but eventually ends up losing her heart to a pilot. The audience loved to hate her and then fell in love with her. In Hotel Kingston Sonali Sehgal plays a rich spoilt brat who inherits her father s hotel and then does not know how to run it. A brat with a golden heart who the audience adored. Before pursuing her career as an actress, She had assisted ad filmmaker and director Pradeep Sarkar who made his film debut with Parineeta. The multifaceted She has also worked as a copywriter for leading advertising agencies in Delhi. Dear visitor so stay with us for getting more celebrity latest photos and all update celebrity news/ celebrity information.




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