Model Dannie Riel


Model Dannie Riel

Supper hot model Dannie Riel is the gorgeous export model. She born on 16 June, 1988. The native of Manitoba is the daughter of Chinese and French parents and of Canadian nationality. She was voted as “Sexiest Asian Girl on Earth”. Her beauty and amazing personality covers the flaw. However, she is in a profession where what really matters is personality and beauty rather than height. The stunning and glamorous model has light brown long hair; light brown and grey eyes. She is really very beautiful and does not need much make up to enhance her beauty. But as per the need of her profession where make up is a must thing, By this post you get Dannie Riel HD photo and Dannie Riel latest photo. Dannie Riel has been in a relationship for 5 years with her financial advisor, Ken Nguyenw. She is planning to get married with her boyfriend. She is believed to be a very loving person. Talking about her family, Dannie Riel has a brother. He is now her good supporter but when they were younger, they often got each other in the hospital with stitches. So, as a child she was very mischievous. She also has an online clothing store with brand name, “Riel Brand Clothing” where we can find shirts with beautiful prints like Dannie made me do it, Riel Life Red and many more. She has an account on every possible social site. This makes it easier for her admirers and fans to get information about her day to day activities. Dannie Rielhas deep interest on internet and text messaging. She makes good income from the modeling assignments. Not only form modeling, she also makes money by hosting party events all over the world. She aims at becoming a self-made millionaire. A clip from her interview with the Dsport magazine can be found on the internet which is worth reading. In the interview, she told that her dream car is a sexy gun-metal Lotus Elsie. Dear visitor so stay with us for getting more celelbrity latest photo and all update information .




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