Elva Hsiao


Elva Hsiao

Singer Elva Hsiao is a Taiwanese Mandopop singer. She born August 24, 1979. By this post you get Elva Hsiao HD photos and Elva Hsiao latest photos. Hsiao was educated at John Casablanca’s College in Vancouver, British Columbia. Elva Hsiao is fluent in both written and spoken English. While in Vancouver, she attended the New Talent Singing Awards Vancouver Audition in 1998 with her birth name of Hsiao Ya Chih. Elva Hsiao became one of the 12 finalists but did not place in the top 5. Elva Hsiao sang CoCo Lee’s “Love Me A Little Longer “. In that competition there were 3 other Taiwanese recent singers, 183 Club member Jacky Chu, who was the winner, DJ Ruby Lu, 1st Runner Up and Michelle Vickie member Michelle Hsu. In 2010, Elva Hsiao admitted to receiving double eyelid surgery at a media event, after years of speculation from netizens. She was originally signed to Virgin Records Taiwan, a sub label of EMI, which created the Chinese stage name for her. Her self-titled début album in 1999 sold over 1 million copies in Asia and cemented her status in the Chinese music industry. In 2001, She won the award for Best Selling Chinese Artist at the 2001 World Music Awards held in Monaco on 2 May.In 2002, She recorded the song “U Make Me Wanna” with British boy band Blue, which appeared on her album Love’s Theme Song, Kiss. Virgin Records and She parted ways in the summer of 2004. For a year, She rested as record companies fought over her next contract. It ended up becoming a battle between Warner Music Taiwan and Sony BMG, with Warner Music winning the battle in the end. She signed into Warner Music on 23 March 2005, making her Warner Taiwan’s “fifth diva”. Fans were overjoyed at this, and waited for the coming of a new album, which Warner had promised would be released in June 2005. In October 2006, the delayed album still had not been released, although Elva Hsiao announced that it would be released in December. At that time Elva Hsiao was in Los Angeles working on dance choreography. In addition, Elva Hsiao released another new promotion single entitled “Elva Is Back”, a fast catchy song featuring electro beats and raps. A dance song “Confession” made the top 10. Elva and Warner Music announced in November that her newest album would be released on 22 December. The album is called 1087, signifying the number of days She had been absent from the Mandopop scene.Elva Hsiao released the music video for her single called “Confession” in mid 2007. Elva Hsiao’s next singles were “L.o.V.E”, “Not Far Away”, “The Ambassador”, “Honey Honey Honey”, and “My Boyfriend”. Dear visitor so stay with us for getting more celebrity latest photos and all update celebrity news/ celebrity information.




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