Djey Sonica


Name:- Djey Sonica .
Profession:- Djey and Model .
Fisrt activities:- In a small Party of Djey .
Best activities:- All time.
Last activities:- Channal 16 music video show .
At present:- Single .
Depreciation : -If some one say that one djey in Bangladesh . Bangladeshi people firstly say that about djey sonica . Djey Sonica is popular djey in Bangladesh , first time start her carrier by small party bjey , now Djey Sonica participate the big bagget djey party , because at present she is one of powerful djey in Bangladesh ,We can see that Djey Sonica is so much cute and his dress up is so much up to date ..Marzia Kabir Sonica better known as DJ Sonica, one of a popular Bangladeshi female disc jockey. It has been told that Sonica is the best female DJ and the first female professional DJ in Bangladesh. It is difficult for a woman in a country like Bangladesh of becoming a DJ. DJ Sonica has carved a niche for herself as the first female DJ in the country. Sonica started her carrier as a DJ in the year of 2007. Djey Sonica had trained in the institute, ‘Garage’, run by DJ Rahat. Then, she was the lone female DJ but since then many have followed in her footsteps. Throughout her carrier she has been working in every possible arena to accomplish that magical skill to make any type of crowd jump on their feet with her groovy beats. Djey Sonica has performed in many clubs and five-star hotels across Bangladesh. Sonica is not only popular in Bangladesh but also in India. Djey Sonica also got chance to perform with world’s best DJs like: Suketu, AKS, Sonu Nigam, Bombay Vikings, Bally Sagoo, Hard Kaur etc. Playing along with big names Djey Sonica has also performed in WORLD CUP 2011 opening ceremony.DJ Sonica is the best female DJ in Bangladesh and on the way of becoming the most popular DJ in South Asia. She has all the qualities needed for a DJ including hot appearance, knowledge of music, style, attractive look etc. Djey Sonica is the number one lady rocker of Bangladesh. In any big cultural programmes, Djey Sonica becomes invited and rocks the dance floor



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