Dilshad Nahar Kona


Dilshad Nahar Kona

BD singer Kona full name is Dilshad Nahar Kona . Birth Date: 15th April. Occupation: Singer.Religious: Islam. Nationality: Bangladeshi.Dilshad Nahar Kona is a prominent singer of Bangladesh who mostly known as Kona. She is now one of the top female singers in Bangladesh. She started her career in music industry at early age and succeeds to catch the limelight of media.Shespent her childhood with her family. She bought up with her parents, one brother and one sister. She completed her school-level education at Moghbazar Girl’s High School and college-level education at Lalmatia College in Dhaka.Shealso learnt Nazrul Sangeet from Nazrul Academy. She learnt Nazrul Sangeet there by Moidul Islam. Actually she was addicted of music from her childhood. She said that,“Music is something with which I spent my childhood and grew up. Born and brought up in a culturally oriented family, I took my first lesson of music when I was only four. Noticing my enthusiasm for music, my parents arranged a music teacher for me at my tender age.”She is a successful singer. Her 1st album was released in 2006 named “Jemitik Valobasha”. Wikipedia says that “Jemitik Valobasha” is her 2nd album,Her Last Activity : Bangladeshi singer Kona advertisement jingle maker. Her music making fifteen advertisements running in TV channel. Bangladeshi model Her family is media related. She say my family can not sing a song but my dream was to be a singer. Bd model Kona thinking she will be a big singer in Bangladesh from her childhood. From childhood she follow Bangladeshi singer Runa Layla. She was learned song from Nazrul academy Bangladesh. Kona first jingle song sing in the year 1998. In the year 2003 she joins angel four Sing doll. Her first sing album release Jamatic valovasha. Kona is also NTV presenter of Amra akhon Nineteen Twenty show. She is acting TV drama now. Her first TV drama is nokol posak. Bangladeshi actress Kona is acting more that twenty three dramas. Her borsa song likes Sakila Jafar. Meril prothom alo best singer nominated Kona but she can not win award. Kona works lot of popular singer in Bangladesh. Runa Layla is Her favorite singer. She can not tell when she wills marriage. Recently she visits Hong Kong. Her second album will be release soon. So stay with us for getting more celebrity photo and information .




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