Camila Morais


Camila Morais

Camila Morais is an Brazilian Model. She born on December 23, 1985 in Contagem, Brazil. By this post you get Camila Morais hot photos and Camila Morais latest photos. Ever since Camila Morais was a little girl, radiance and beauty was already seen by her lashing tan complexion and beautiful smile. Camila Morais went through numerous agencies such as Lele Mora Mgmt, 2morrow Model Agency and Exito Models that brought her to the model she is today. Her ad campaigns are for Freemans, BonPrix, Bellissima, SHE BeachWear, and La Dolce Vita. Camila Morais has done numerous magazine ads but her covers were for Matrix, Fox Uomo and many more. She began modelling in Brazil which involved both photo model and runway but later moved to higher versions of model such as doing campaigns in United States and Europe. Her primary location is in Italy and is much known in the regions of Italy and Brazil. This is where Camila Morais spends most of her modelling career in. Morais has made it to various calendars such as bellissima in year 2008 and in La Dolce Vita in year 2010. Camila Morais is not only a model but also a TV personality both in Italy and Brazil. Her first appearance wa in the film A Light of Passion where she made participation in 2007 directed by the famous Italian Director Ulderico Acerbi. The next year Camila Morais appeared in calendar Wild done by the photographer Enrico Ricciardi. In the season of 2008 to 2009, She hosted the musical program on Channel Rai 2 Scalo 76 which aired its episodes during Saturday, this was directed by Francesco Facchinetti alongside with the record of singer Mara Maionchi. She appeared again in 2010 in the TV show Pavesi and on the same year posing for another calendar Beautiful photographed by Andrea Ciriminna. Not only that, Camila was also seen in the top shoe Hello Darwin with their lead actor Paul Bonolis which was seen on Channel 5. Sad to say boys Camila Morais has been dating the famous football player Marco Borriello for almost 1 year now. Dear visitor so stay with us for getting more celebrity latest photos and all update celebrity news/ celebrity information.




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