Anjali Gupta


Anjali Gupta

Beautiful Actress Anjali Gupta is an professional model and Actress based in India. Anjali Gupta who appears in many Tamil films. She used to be a TV show anchor before she pursued her career as a lead Actress. She has primarily appeared in Tamil films and was considered a lead Actress in the film industry. Here you will find up-to date Indian film Actress Anjali Gupta photos gallery. Anjali Gupta’s birth place is India. Anjali Gupta mother’s Tongue is Hindi. Anjali’s nicknames is Anjali. Anjali is one of the most famous beautiful and charming actress of the Indian Bollywood film industry. Anjali  has attractive personality Anjali is a well known social actress in this way she dated many directors, producers and co-stars his best boyfriend is Ajay. Anjali has worked in a lot of Bollywood films as an leading Actress. Anjali  has nominated many movie film-fare Award for best Actress. Anjali ’s hit films as Satya 2 (2013) etc. Anjali is well known and highly reputed actress in the Bollywood film Industry. Anjali’s alot of movies are selected by the millions of enthusiast. Anjali was criticized in various Bollywood movies. Anjali Gupta is not just popular in India but having a extreme value lovers all over the world.Dear visitor so stay with us for getting more celebrity latest photo and all update information.




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